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Who am I?

I was born on 12th December 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and grew up in the family of Protestant Evangelical believers which was highly unusual for Bulgaria at the time. That fact made me aware from a very early age that I was not going to be like the majority of Bulgarians. It also made me very sensitive to the particular dynamic that is part of life in a minority group. I learned to value freedom in all respects and became highly suspicious toward any attempts to curtail it. In addition, my family background motivated me to reconsider many of my beliefs and further reinforced my natural skepticism towards any ideas that are assumed to be true without proper critical analysis.

After a short stint (18 months) in the military force (infantry) I went to study British and American Studies at Kliment Ohridski Sofia University. As early as my teens I started working as a freelance interpreter and did this for more than 12 years. During this period I was also involved in the editorial teams of a number of Christian periodicals. Between 2003-2005 I was responsible for all training programs of the Bulgarian Baptist Youth Organization. And in 2003 I became one of the co-founders and members of the Executive Board (until 2009) of the HARTA Association – а Bulgarian non-profit organization, whose purpose is to present the Christian worldview in an intelligent and convincing manner. Between 2006-2008 I worked as Project Manager in an events management company.

In June 2008 I joined the European team of Crown Financial Ministries as Program Director and in March 2012 became the Ministry Expansion Officer for Europe. It was during this time that I was instrumental in bringing the career guidance assessment system Career Direct® to Europe, organized the training of the first ten European consultants and coordinated the project of making the platform available in eight of the European languages. I have been a certified Career Direct® consultant since 2010 and I have formally consulted more than 100 clients, while providing guidance to hundreds others through individual mentoring, workshops, and training courses. In 2015 I established the Chairo Center, a non-profit organization with a vision to contribute towards a culture where love of knowledge is encouraged and each person’s interests are met with an openness and desire for discussion.

In August 2016 I made a radical career change by joining the Sales team of Intelligent Systems, an international business consulting group that in 2016 was among the top 1% percent of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. I became a Microsoft Certified Professional with expertise in CRM business systems. In May 2017 I reoriented myself from Sales to functional consulting and in February 2019 joined Innexys Consulting as Senior Consultant.

Ever since my youth I have been an avid learner in theology. Through the years I have participated in specialized apologetics and theology training programs at Wheaton College, IL, USA, and The Zacharias Trust, Oxford, UK. I have completed John Maxwell’s certificate program in leadership in Bulgaria and benefited from a mentoring program for Christian scholars with the European Leadership Forum at Cambridge, U.K. I have been involved in public speaking, teaching and preaching since the age of 17 and have taught courses in more than 15 countries across Europe and in the Middle East.

I love to get to the bottom of ideas and find real pleasure in reading large tomes. I think best when talking or writing so I regularly blog at my English and Bulgarian blogs. My life motto is “Think big, start small, grow deep!” I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, together with my wife, Katrin, and our two sons, Filip and Victor.

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